A photo of Felipe Meres
A photo of Felipe Meres

Hello, I'm Felipe Meres, a passionate Data Scientist and Analytics expert with a deep-rooted interest in mapping patterns in human behavior. I hold a PhD in Anthropology of Science and Technology from The New School, where I honed my skills in qualitative and quantitative research methods, cultural anthropology, and digital ethnography.

I am deeply passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems and generate meaningful insights. Whether it's through developing innovative data dashboards, employing machine learning algorithms, or engaging in digital ethnography projects, my goal is to bridge the gap between data science and the understanding of cultural phenomena.

Over the years, I have developed an extensive skill set that includes advanced proficiency in Python, SQL, Tableau, React.js, NumPy, Pandas, and a wide array of data science and analytics tools such as Jupyter, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Power BI, and Plotly. My expertise extends to specialized areas like deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), 3D rendering, and computer-aided design (CAD), making me a versatile and invaluable asset in any tech-driven environment.

My educational journey also includes a Master in Fine Arts from Bard College, which has equipped me with a unique perspective on creativity and data visualization. I am licensed and certified in Python Data Analysis, Tableau Creator, and SQL management, underscoring my expertise in data analytics, visualization, storytelling, and database management. These skills enable me to uncover insights and narratives hidden within data, presenting them in compelling and accessible ways.

When I'm not delving into data or exploring the intricacies of technology's impact on society, you can find me enjoying the cultural offerings of New York City, experimenting with new data visualization techniques, or engaging with the data science community through various forums and events.